UK Temporary Work Visa Specialists

UK Temporary Work Visa Specialists

There are several categories of UK Temporary Work Visas for sportspersons, creative workers and those on Government Authorized Exchange Programs.

Awards and Accreditations

UK Temporary Worker visa category is suitable for certain types of temporary worker who have a job offer from an employer holding a valid Sponsorship License. 

Overview of UK Temporary Work Visas

You can apply for this visa if you want work in the UK in a role such as a charity worker, artist, entertainer, diplomat or sportsperson.

What are the main eligibility requirements for a UK Temporary Worker visa?

There are five subcategories under the UK Temporary Worker program:

  • Charity Worker
  • Creative and Sporting
  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • International Agreement
  • Religious Worker

Further Information

Understanding which visa category is best for you can be a difficult process. Whatever your circumstance or profession, the expert lawyers at Sterling Immigration can help you. We will find the right work permit category for you and ensure that you meet all the specific requirements to make an application. For further information, please schedule a consultation.

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