Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa

UK spouse visa refusal rates are increasing as many applicants are uniformed regarding Appendix FM.

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UK Spouse Visa Overview

If you are married to a British Citizen or a UK Permanent Resident (PR) holder, you may be eligible to apply for a spouse or partner visa entitling you and your family to move to the UK. Your initial visa will be valid for 2 ½ years.

Legal requirements

The four main requirements you need to satisfy are: 

Accommodation – show that you have adequate accommodation available for you and your sponsor upon your arrival in the UK and filing a Housing Evaluation Report in support of your application.

English Language – demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

Maintenance – demonstrate you have an annual income of £18,600 or £62,500 in cash savings.

Relationship – demonstrate that you and your sponsor are in a genuine relationship.

It is worth noting that most refusals are based on failing to show that the Sponsor meets the maintenance requirements in the specified format.

Fiancée Visa/Marriage Visitor Visa

If you are engaged to be married to a British citizen or Permanent Resident and wish to get married in the UK then you would require a fiancée/marriage visitor visa.

If successful, this visa will be valid for 6 months. Even if you are from a visa-exempt country you would still require this visa in order to get married in the UK. You must intend to marry during your visit to the UK and must demonstrate that you intend to leave the UK before the expiry of your visa.

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The legal and evidential requirements for entering the UK as a spouse or partner are becoming much tougher. With spouse appeal waiting times increasing to over a year, it is imperative that your application is well-prepared at the outset to ensure a successful outcome.  Sterling Immigration are committed to ensuring that you start an exciting new chapter in your family life quickly with minimal disruption and expense.

Sterling Immigration will guide you expertly through the copious requirements of the Immigration Rules and Policy Guidance with respect to the financial criteria.

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