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We specialise in representing Canadian and US residents with UK immigration applications.
Offices in Vancouver and Miami.

Why Sterling Immigration?

The legal team at Sterling Immigration have several years’ experience of business and corporate immigration in global law firms in London, Vancouver and Toronto as well as working in government departments in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Personal Immigration

Sterling Immigration offer a variety of flexible and cost-effective packages for individuals seeking to enter or remain in the U.K.

We recognise that every client’s circumstances are unique and provide tailored immigration law solutions designed to meet individual needs.

Application Checking Service

Should you wish to prepare your own U.K. visa application, we will be happy to provide an application checking service to take the stress and uncertainty out of the U.K. immigration process.

Our fixed price solution costs a fraction of the price of paying for full legal representation, with a turn around time of only 3 working days.

Application Preparation & Submission

Our expert legal team will prepare a detailed and well evidenced application to ensure that you secure a U.K. visa first time.

We will submit persuasive legal representations to support your application and will liaise with the British immigration authorities on your behalf until visa issuance.

Challenging Visa Refusals

We will work with you to challenge your UKVI or Home Office visa refusal, exploring all of your options before helping you choose the most suitable remedy.

Our expert lawyers have several years’ experience presenting successful appeals before the immigration courts and have worked on landmark cases.

Corporate Services

Our specialist UK corporate immigration team work directly with businesses in the UK and overseas to ensure that their immigration requirements are met.

Whether you wish to recruit a foreign worker, establish a UK branch of an overseas company or effect an intra-company transfer, our expert team can assist.

Sponsor License Application

To recruit skilled labour from outside the UK and EU, companies must have a valid Tier 2 or 5 Sponsor Licence.

Obtaining a Sponsor License is challenging but will ultimately enable your business to flourish and ensure your staffing and business expansion goals are achieved.

Sterling Immigration specialize in preparing Sponsor License applications and are experts in communicating your business and recruitment challenges to UKVI.


The Home Office often conduct site visits to Sponsor License holders to ensure the integrity of the British immigration system in maintained. Sponsor License holders are often sanctioned for not maintaining compliance with their duties.

Sterling Immigration are committed to helping Sponsor Licence holders to prepare and achieve full compliance. The repercussions of non-compliance are severe. It includes risk of having your Sponsor License downgraded, suspended or revoked.

Sponsor License Renewal

Our business immigration lawyers understand the importance of renewing your sponsor licence for your business operations. We will work with you to ensure that you are able to successfully extend your sponsor licence.

Before an application to renew a sponsor licence is lodged with UKVI, we can help your organisation to check that all details on your sponsor licence are correct and make any necessary changes to your sponsor licence.

UK Immigration Advice

Receive high-quality U.K. immigration advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

Personal Consultation

Sterling Immigration offer personal consultations to provide you with in-depth information about the UK Immigration process and to address the specifics of your situation. We offer personal consultation services at our office in Vancouver, Canada and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Telephone Consultation

If you are unable to attend one of our offices for a personal consultation, a detailed telephone consultation can be the most cost-effective method to get immediate answers to your UK immigration questions. We will understand your immigration issue, identify possible solutions and give you all needed details to go forward.

United Kingdom Visas

We offer legal advice and representation for a range of United Kingdom visas for citizens of Canada and the United States.

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