Dependent Child Visa

Dependent Child Visa

Children aged under the aged of 18 can be sponsored by their parents to the UK.

Awards and Accreditations

If you are a child under 18 living overseas and you have a parent or other relative who is either settled or applying for settlement in the UK, then you may be eligible to enter and remain in the UK indefinitely.

If you are the child under 18 of a parent who has, or is applying for, limited leave as a partner (spouse, civil partner or unmarried partner) of a British citizen or settled person then you may be eligible for leave in line with your parent.

How our immigration lawyers can help

Our immigration lawyers regularly assist foreign national children to relocate to, and settle in, the UK with their parents.

Whether you require expert advice on the requirements of the Immigration Rules, an independent assessment of your prospects of qualifying for a visa or professional assistance with preparing an immigration application, our immigration lawyers can help.

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