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UK Spouse Visa applications are complex and Appendix FM is full of potential pitfalls for the unwary applicant. Book your UK Spouse Visa consultation today

Common Mistakes in UK Marriage Visa Applications

Over 100,000 UK spouse and unmarried partner visa applications are filed each year from around the world. Some of the citizenships of those applying for UK spouse and unmarried partner visas are the United States of America, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Almost 2,400 US citizens and 400 Canadian citizens receive a UK spouse visa each year.

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Uk immigration lawyers in Vancouver Canada who specialize in assisting Canadian citizens with UK visa applications

Sterling Immigration, A UK Immigration Law Firm Based in Canada

Sterling Immigration specialise in UK immigration law with a particular focus on serving individuals and businesses in Canada and the United States. Our legal team is regulated to provide UK immigration services by the Office of the Immigration Services (OISC). Ref. No. 201700008 and have several years experience in all aspects of UK immigration law.

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