Application Checking Service

Application Checking Service

Our Application Checking Service will take the stress and uncertainty out of the UK immigration process.

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Application Checking Service

If you wish to prepare and submit your own UK immigration application without legal representation, we are happy to provide an application checking service to ensure that your application is successful.

Choosing our UK immigration application checking service will give you the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to prepare the best application you can.

Our fixed price solution costs a fraction of the price of paying for full legal representation, with a turn around time of only 3 to 5 working days and a guarantee that your application will be reviewed by our expert legal team.

UK Immigration is Complex

The UK immigration system is constantly evolving through the introduction of new categories, rules, policies, procedures and country guidelines. Failure to complete the relevant application correctly and submit the mandatory supporting documents will result in your application being refused. It is worth noting that 65% of applications submitted without the assistance of an immigration representative are refused because they are incomplete or contain simple errors. When re-submitted these applications will go to the back of the queue. In many cases these refusals could have been avoided if the application had been better prepared.

Benefits of our UK Immigration Application Checking Service

Having your application checked by our legal team will help eliminate common mistakes and omissions and will help to identify more serious issues which could result in a refusal. If you are refused you face the prospect of forfeiting expensive UK visa processing fees and having to submit an expensive appeal with the resultant delay this will cause.

With UK immigration appeal waiting times now exceeding 9 months in most categories, the delays caused by refused applications can cost you several months as well as incurring additional legal and governmental processing fees. Additionally, by answering questions incorrectly you face a real risk of being inadmissible to the UK for misrepresentation which will result in an automatic refusal of your application and being banned from entering the UK.

Our Application Checking Service will save you time, money, stress and the uncertainty that you have completed the relevant application and supporting documentation correctly.

Our UK Visa Application Checking Service includes:

  • A detailed assessment of your application forms and supporting documentation.
  • Highlighting any potential reasons for refusal.
  • High-quality actionable feedback from a team of experts.
  • A detailed report card listing any corrections or amendments you need to make.
  • Suggestions regarding further documents you may wish to include to improve your chances of success and expedited processing.

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