Sole Representative Visa

Sole Representative Visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa enables overseas businesses to establish a branch or subsidiary in the UK and to send a key worker to conduct business on their behalf.

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Sole Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

Overseas companies who wish to establish a presence, or expand their business within the UK, can achieve this by sending a senior employee to the UK using the Sole Representative Visa.

General Requirements for the Overseas Business

  • Must be a genuine commercial enterprise
  • Must continue to trade overseas.
  • The company’s HQ and principal place of business must remain outside the UK.
  • The UK branch or subsidiary must operate in the same type of business activity as the overseas business.

Sole Representative Visa Criteria

The Sole Representative must be a senior employee recruited outside the UK and have extensive related industry experience. The Sole Representative must have full authority to make all operational decisions on behalf of the overseas company in the UK.

The Sole Representative must not be the majority shareholder in the parent company. Shareholdings in excess of 35% in the parent company are likely to be scrutinized rigorously.

Sole Representative Visa Duration

If successful, the Sole Representative and their accompanying family members will be granted a visa for 3 years and 4 months.

This visa may be extended for a further two years provided the sole representative is still required by the overseas business and the business is commercially viable. The Sole Representative may apply for permanent residence after 5 years residence in the UK.


  • Access to the UK market
  • Fast processing times – between 1 and 30 days
  • No minimum investment requirement.
  • Ability to include dependents – spouse/partner and children under 18.
  • Secure British Citizenship after 6 years lawful residence in the UK.
  • Access to the UK’s world-class health care and education systems.
  • Once the new UK entity has started trading, they may apply for a Sponsor License. Once a Sponsor License has been granted they may be able to bring other key staff members to the UK through the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer route.

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Sterling Immigration will communicate your business challenges persuasively through a professionally prepared business plan demonstrating how the Sole Representative will establish the UK Branch and the benefits this will bring to the UK. We will guide you through the copious requirements of the UK immigration rules and draft persuasive legal submissions in support of the application to ensure a successful outcome.

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