Day: June 27, 2017

Uk immigration lawyers in Vancouver Canada who specialize in assisting Canadian citizens with UK visa applications

Sterling Immigration, A UK Immigration Law Firm Based in Canada

Sterling Immigration specialise in UK immigration law with a particular focus on serving individuals and businesses in Canada and the United States. Our legal team is regulated to provide UK immigration services by the Office of the Immigration Services (OISC). Ref. No. 201700008 and have several years experience in all aspects of UK immigration law.

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Uk immigration advice. Uk immigration consultation. UK immigration appointment

Making the Most of Your UK Immigration Consultation

Choosing the right UK immigration law firm to represent you may turn out to be one of the most important decisions of your life. For this reason, we always recommend that our clients schedule a detailed personal or telephone consultation that you can have direct access to a licensed UK immigration expert. You and your potential representative can then give each other your undivided attention to what is a life changing decision.

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