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European Law

Learn more about applying for EEA Residence Permits, Retention of Status and Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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With Brexit looming and the United Kingdom leaving the Europe Union (EU), European citizens and their family members currently living in the UK, should seek legal advice and confirmation of their right to remain in the UK under European law.

Under the present regulations, a European citizen may live and work in the UK if they are deemed as exercising their treaty rights as a worker, a self-employed individual, a self-sufficient person or as a student. This right is extended to family members, including those that are not EEA nationals.

For European citizens wishing to relocate to the UK in the future, there are many factors to consider in light of the UK leaving the EU. There may be alternative options available to you and your family. The legal team at Sterling Immigration have a wealth of experience advising European nationals on all aspects of European law. Obtaining expert legal advice will enable you to make an informed decision and plan effectively for your post-Brexit future.

Additionally, Sterling Immigration are qualified and licensed to provide Canadian immigration services.  We have assisted many EU nationals obtain permanent residence in Canada through the Express Entry system or temporary entry through the foreign worker program. As experts in UK and Canadian immigration law we are uniquely placed to provide a range of options during an in-depth legal advice session.

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Evidencing your rights as a European citizen may not be easy and, in some cases, extensive evidence is required. Sterling Immigration’s team of leading immigration lawyers will advise you on the options available for you and your family to live and work in the UK through the exercise of your EU treaty rights. For more information please complete our initial contact form or schedule a consultation.

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