Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals

A UK immigration refusal can be devastating. A UK immigration appeal must be lodged within a strict deadline.

Awards and Accreditations

With the removal of appeal rights for many types of UK visa applications it has become even more important that applications are thoroughly and professionally prepared to maximise the chances of success at the first instance.

If your visa application has been refused, it is important to seek legal advice and representation immediately as there are strict deadlines for challenging the refusal.

Administrative Reviews

Most applications which are now refused, such as applications under the points based system, have to be challenged by way of Administrative Review.

If we conclude that there is a strong basis to your challenge, we will file extensive legal submissions requesting a review of the negative decision. The review will be carried out by a different caseworker at the Visa Office. Upon review, the decision will either be upheld or amended.


If an application does attract a right of appeal, we will file detailed grounds of appeal addressing each point raised in the refusal letter and highlighting legal errors with reference to applicable UK immigration rules, policies and case law.

If the matter proceeds to an oral appeal, your case would be heard before an independent Judge in the UK. Sterling Immigration instruct specialist immigration barristers to advocate and represent clients at appeal hearings.

Making a Fresh Application

Alternatively, after reviewing the refusal letter, we may conclude that the visa officer’s decision was correct and there is no legal basis for mounting a challenge. In these circumstances, we would advise that the best course of action would be to submit a fresh application.

When making a fresh application it is important to ensure that the issues raised in the original refusal are addressed with appropriate supporting evidence. We would strongly advise you to seek professional representation when filing a fresh application.

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