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When assessing your UK Returning Resident Visa application, a UKVI officer will consider the strength of your ties to the UK.

UK Returning Resident Visa

A UK Returning Resident Visa enables ILR holders to return to the UK if they have been away for 2 years.

If you have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain but have lived outside the UK for more than two years, you will need to ask for permission to return to the UK. 

While this process can be complex and daunting, the legal team at Sterling Immigration will ensure that the application and supporting evidence is prepared to the highest possible standard to ensure that you are able to return to the UK quickly with minimal disruption and expense.

Applying for a UK Returning Resident Visa

We can assist you with applying for a returning resident visa to come back to live in the UK if you were previously settled and you have now either misplaced your permanent residence documentation or been outside the UK for more than two years.

It is important that you had been established in the UK before you left and that you plan to return to live in the UK permanently.

Returning Resident UK Visa Factors

The longer you have been away, the more imperative it is to show that there are exceptional circumstances that have caused you to remain out of the country for this long. The key factors that the UK visa officer will consider include an assessment of the following:

  1. The length of your original residence in the United Kingdom;
  2. The length of time you have been outside the United Kingdom;
  3. The reason for remaining outside the United Kingdom for more than 2 years;
  4. Whether the reasons for remaining outside the United Kingdom beyond your control;
  5. Whether it is reasonable to have expected you to return within 2 years?
  6. Why you went abroad when you did and what were your intentions?
  7. The nature of your family ties in the United Kingdom – how close are they, and to what extent have you maintained them in your absence?
  8. Whether you have a home in the United Kingdom?
  9. The likelihood of you living in the UK permanently if your application is granted.
  10. Whether you have a history of stable employment in the United Kingdom?
  11. The strength of your ties to the country where you have lived since leaving the United Kingdom?

A successful application will mean that you and your accompanying dependents will be granted leave to remain for a period of two and a half years. You will be placed on a ten-year route to settlement.

Returning UK Resident Visa Refused?

If your returning resident visa application has been refused, our legal team can advise you on the merits of making a fresh application and/or challenging the decision by way of an appeal to the Immigration Tribunal.

How our UK Immigration lawyers can help

The legal team at Sterling Immigration regularly assist foreign nationals to settle in the UK.

Whether you require expert advice on the requirements of the Immigration Rules, an independent assessment of your prospects of qualifying for a returning resident visa or professional assistance with preparing an immigration application or appeal, our expert UK immigration lawyers can help.

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